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sport eyewear injuries prevention

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of June 10, 2018

It is reported that every 13 minutes a child with a sports-related eye injury visits a U.S. hospital emergency room for treatment. These injuries contribute to making eye injuries the leading cause of blindness in children.

While they are more common among males (particularly while playing basketball/softball or shooting an air gun), the incidence of these injuries has been found to peak during adolescent years for both male and female patients. With this in mid, parents, coaches, and athletic supervisors are urged to encourage young athletes to wear protective eyewear from an early age.

Eye injuries not only have the potential to rob young athletes of their vision, but they can also adversely affect their quality of life for years.

Today, protective sports eyewear is an accepted part of everyday life, much the way bike helmets have become the norm. In fact, many athletic and fitness clubs today do not permit their members to participate without wearing proper eyewear. Ocular injuries, which are a significant cause of illness and disability, can predispose individuals to further injury, depression, and systemic disease.

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