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Better Vision

Our in-office optical shop offers a wide selection of stylish frames and high-quality lenses, ensuring you look great while seeing clearly. 

A Fashionable Selection of Frames

Finding the perfect frames to complement your style and personality is a delightful experience at our in-office optical shop.

Our carefully curated collection includes frames from top designers and popular brands, offering a diverse range of styles, colors, and materials.

Whether you prefer classic elegance, modern chic, or bold statements, our frames cater to every taste and fashion preference.

High-Quality Lenses for Crystal-Clear Vision

Great frames deserve great lenses. Our in-office optical shop offers high-quality lenses with various coatings and enhancements, ensuring optimal visual clarity and comfort. Whether you need single vision lenses, progressive lenses, or specialized lenses for specific visual needs, our experienced opticians will guide you to the best options for your lifestyle.

Expert Guidance from Our Opticians

Choosing the right eyewear can be overwhelming, but our team of friendly and knowledgeable opticians is here to make the process enjoyable and stress-free. They will take the time to understand your visual requirements, lifestyle, and fashion preferences to recommend frames and lenses that suit you perfectly.

Prescription Eyewear in No Time

 At our in-office optical shop, we understand the importance of your time. With our efficient services, you can have your prescription filled and eyewear made on-site quickly, so you can start enjoying your clear vision and stylish frames without delay.

Eyewear Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our commitment to exceptional customer care extends beyond the selection of frames and lenses. We offer a range of additional services, including:

Our opticians will ensure that your eyewear fits comfortably and securely. If you need any adjustments or repairs, we are here to help.

Protect your eyes in style with our extensive collection of fashionable sunglasses, featuring 100% UV protection and trendy designs.

Our in-office optical shop also offers a wide range of stylish and durable kids’ frames to keep their young eyes both protected and fashionable.

Our In-Office Optical Shop

At our in-office optical shop, we believe that clear vision and fashion go hand in hand. Experience the joy of finding fashionable eyewear that enhances your style and elevates your vision. Our team of caring opticians is excited to guide you through the process, ensuring you leave with eyewear that looks great and helps you see the world clearly.

Visit our in-office optical shop today to explore our stunning selection of frames and experience personalized service that puts you and your vision in the spotlight. We look forward to helping you find the perfect eyewear that reflects your unique personality and enhances your visual experience.

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Lens Solutions

Computer Lenses

Computer Lenses

We offer specialty lenses and treatments formulated just for those who use digital devices. Check out our computer lenses which help reduce eyestrain and provide the right protection.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses

Consult with one of our licensed opticians at Northwest Eye to have your progressive lenses tailored to your personal lifestyle. Personalized progressive lenses will offer highly accurate vision correction and significantly wider visual fields than conventional progressive lenses.

Glare-Free Protection

Glare-Free Protection

Glare-Free Protection allows light to pass through your lens without bouncing and reflecting, thus reducing eyestrain and improving clarity. Glare-Free Protection on your lenses gives you the relief that allows you to work in front of a screen, drive at night, and see more clearly.

Sunglasses & Polarized Lenses

Sunglasses & Polarized Lenses

We offer a large selection of sunglasses with or without a prescription with choices in lens colors and polarized lens options that reduce glare to improve vision and provide 100% UV protection.

Kid/Teen Glasses

Kid/Teen Glasses

Kids and teens have unique needs when it comes to their glasses. At Northwest Eye, we provide lenses and frame styles geared toward providing sharp vision and comfort while offering things like impact resistance lenses and, UV protection.

Athletic Safety Glasses

Athletic Safety Glasses

It’s important to wear eye protection that has been built to comfortably preform and protect during the rigors of sports. We offer athletic sport protection with or without a prescription to meet the unique demands of adventure and sport.

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