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chalazion overview

A Chalazion is a small, firm bulge in the eyelid, caused by a blockage or infection in the duct responsible for lubricating the eye. The initial symptoms of a Chalazion are eyelid tenderness, swelling and increased tearing. Usually a Chalazion will shrink within a few weeks. When the area doesn’t heal on its own, the primary treatment is a warm compress on the eyelid. This treatment gradually clears the ducts and promotes drainage.

In rare cases, a Chalazion may grow large enough to apply pressure on the eye, causing droopiness of the eyelid, and blurred vision.

If the affected area stays the same or grows worse, a doctor’s exam maybe required. Once a doctor has examined the area, several treatment options are available. Steroid injections may be used to shrink the Chalazion, , or the area may be drained. Draining the Chalazion is done using local anesthesia and is generally quick and painless.


An incision is usually made on the inside of the eyelid, so no visible scar remains. The area is drained of excess fluid, which greatly reduces the appearance of the bulge and provides the patient with immediate relief. For patients with a recurrent Chalazion, cleaning the area with non-abrasive shampoo can help reduce blockage or infection. If the Chalazion continues to be a problem, patients may need to consult their doctor.