Optic Topic

aspheric lenses compared to standard lenses

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of February 2, 2020

For those who would like their prescription eyeglass lenses to have a slimmer, more attractive profile, there are “aspheric” lenses. This design features lens curvatures that gradually change from the center of the lens to their outer edges. As a result, aspheric lenses can be manufactured with flatter curves without degrading the optical performance of the lens. Most high index plastic lenses are made with aspheric designs.

Moreover, because aspheric lenses are flatter than conventional spherical lens designs, they magnify the wearer’s eyes less, which makes their faces look better proportioned and more attractive. In some cases, aspheric lenses also improve the clarity of the wearer’s peripheral (side) vision. All of these advantages over spherical lenses are good reason to look into aspheric lenses.

With aspheric lenses, people with strong prescriptions do not have to worry about the thickness of the lens in the frame.

Aspheric lenses tend to have more reflections, so an anti-reflective coating is recommended! REGIONAL EYE OPTICAL carries many top designer eyewear brands. To learn more, please call 320-587-6309. We are located just inside Regional Eye Center at 1455 Montreal Street, SE in Hutchinson, MN. Our business hours are:

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