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macular eye supplements

The macula is a spot of yellow pigment near the center of the retina. The yellow pigment serves as a filter absorbing blue and ultraviolet light that is harmful to the retina.

Preserving the pigment density of the macula is important for maintaining healthy vision. As we age the pigment can decrease allowing dangerous light exposure to damage the macular tissue. This light can damage the eye resulting in increased risk for developing age-related macular degeneration or AMD which can lead to loss of central vision. Precautions can be taken in order to maintain the pigment and healthy vision. Your Optometrist can use an instrument called a macular densitometer to measure the macular pigment density.

Based on the results, a macular supplement may be prescribed to help increase the density of the macular pigment. Using macular supplements to bring the pigment density back to a healthy level can help reduce harmful light damage to the eye over time.

Additionally, blue filtering lenses may be prescribed to selectively filter the harmful blue light which will take some of the workload off the macula and reduce potential loss of central vision. When supplements are used in conjunction with blue filtering lenses, the eyes are provided with superior internal and external vision protection.

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