Optic Topic

geometric eyeglass frames

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of May 15, 2021

In terms of eyeglasses, the shapes of things to come are geometric frames. Whether they are framed in bold, plastics or in simplistic titanium, geometric shapes are suitable for both men and women. For anyone who wants to project a sense of fun and youthfulness, an oversized frame in a lively color is the way to go.

To make an even bolder fashion statement that decidedly goes outside the box, one should not hesitate to think in terms of hexagons, octagons, decagons, dodecagons (12 sides), and eccentric shapes.

To show these forms to their best effect, the spare design of rimless-style frames present tinted lenses particularly well. When trying on geometrically shaped frames, try seeing yourself in new ways.

Inside REGIONAL EYE OPTICAL, you will find frames featuring the latest technology, including titanium and stainless steel with spring-loaded hinges, as well as magnetic clip-on sunglasses. To learn more, please call 320-587-6309. We are located just inside Regional Eye Center at 1455 Montreal Street, SE in Hutchinson, MN. Our business hours are:

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