Optic Topic

contact lens on a finger tip

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of July 19, 2020

If you wear prescription lenses, it is important that you know that your eyeglass prescription does not apply to contact lenses. In order to ensure that your contact lenses are safe, comfortable and provide optimum vision, you will have to get a contact lens consultation and fitting.

The additional information contained in a contact lens prescription includes the base (central) curve of the back surface of the contact lens, the lens diameter, and the specific manufacturer and brand name of the lens. To get a contact lens prescription, you have to be fitted with contact lenses and have your eyes’ response to the lenses (as well as contact lens wear in general) evaluated.

The “base curve” measurement (BC), which refers to the curvature of the back surface of the contact lens, is determined by the shape of your cornea, producing a fitting that is not too loose or too tight.

Contact lenses are generally better for sport activity. With contact lenses you have better peripheral vision than with glasses which is helpful in sports like basketball, soccer, football and others.

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