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When you first learn that your vision cannot be restored, it can be devastating. While this may not be what you planned for your life, there are ways to move forward. Over one million Americans are legally blind and still manage the tasks of everyday living with competence, ease, and joy.

Rather than focusing on your limitations, embrace the alternative techniques that will enable you to participate in meaningful activities. With proper training, you can re-learn how to live without sight and still enjoy doing the things you love to do. But you will need to take the time to relearn how to approach these activities. Your vision may be limited, but your options aren’t.

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There are a variety of resources, such as an adult rehabilitation training center, that can help you adjust to your new life with Cooking lessons, Practicing self-care, Learning to read Braille, Traveling with cane or guide dog, and Using technologies to assist with digital activities One of the best resources is other people with vision loss who understand what you’re going through. They can make recommendations and be a source of inspiration and support.

Find out all of the ways you can enjoy life without vision. Ask your doctor, or contact the National Federation of the Blind, to learn what resources are available to help you embrace your new life!

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