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Vision with a multifocal IOL

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of November 24, 2019

If you have ever looked through optical lenses and noticed colored halos around lights, you have an idea of what “chromatic aberration” is. This distortion is caused by the lenses’ inability to focus all colors onto the same focal point.

Eyeglass wearers can best avail themselves of this information by referring to the “Abbe value” (or number) of a lens material. Abbe values for eyeglass lens materials range from 59 (glass) to 30 (polycarbonate).

Named after the German physicist who defined it, Ernst Abbe, this number is a measure of how broadly the lens disperses different wavelengths of light as light passes through it. Lens materials with a low Abbe value have high dispersion (causing noticeable chromatic aberration), while those with high Abbe numbers will display less chromatic aberration.

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