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What is Sjogren’s Syndrome?

Sjogren’s syndrome is an autoimmune disorder. Your immune system mistakes the moisture-secreting glands in your eyes and mouth as harmful to your body. In order to neutralize the threat, your white blood cells begin attacking these glands. The result is a decrease in the production of tears and saliva.

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Due to this decline in moisture production, your eyes may burn, itch or feel gritty and your mouth may feel dry making it difficult to swallow or speak. Other parts of your body besides your eyes and mouth may become targets as well, including your joints, thyroid, kidneys, genitals, liver, lungs, skin and nerves. Attacks in these areas can lead to symptoms such as joint pain and swelling, rashes or dry skin, persistent dry cough and prolonged fatigue.

If you are suffering from some or all of these symptoms please reach out to your doctor to discuss your concerns. In most cases, the individual symptoms of Sjorgren’s syndrome can be managed with over the counter or prescription medication but in some cases a minor surgical procedure may be performed to alleviate your symptoms.

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