Optic Topic

Man wearing glasses and a hat

Optic Topic by Steven A. Queenan at Regional Eye Optical – Week of February 19, 2017

When choosing eyeglass frames, be sure their color complements your skin tone. “Warm” skin tones (with a bronze, golden, or peaches-and-cream look) are best served by eyeglass frames that come in shades of gold, copper, bronze, tortoise, honey, brown, coral, and aqua.

If you have a “cool” skin tone (with blue or pink undertones), you will want to select frames that are silver, pewter, gunmetal, blue, blue-gray, pink, violet, charcoal, or black. The same color choices for eyeglass frames apply to hair color. Presumably, your hair color, if it is not natural, has been selected to complement your skin tone. Then again, “rules” can be broken to create a more dramatic look.

Light blue eyes are best served by eyeglass frames in lighter hues, while brown and green eyes benefit from darker, more vibrant frame colors.

At REGIONAL EYE OPTICAL, we offer a large selection of high end designer frames, eye glasses and sunglasses. We also offer a wide variety of contact lenses that are guaranteed to suit your individual needs. Come in today and let us help you select the style, shape, and color of eye glasses, or sun glasses that are right for you.

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