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Welcome to Regional Eye Center of Hutchinson, MN

Regional Eye Center is a full-service Ophthalmology and Optometry practice providing family eye care and a wide range of medical and surgical care. Along with exam rooms equipped with the latest technology for vision assessment, disease detection and patient education, our patients and our providers enjoy the presence and convenience of a progressive and trend setting optical and ambulatory surgery center integrated under one roof.

Our surgeons introduced laser vision correction to the area in 1996 when LASIK gained approval by the FDA. Regional Eye Center continues its commitment to the delivery of state-of-the-art vision correction utilizing advanced laser systems as well as premium lens implants.

Regional Eye Center Now Offers Blade-Free/Premium Laser Cataract Procedure to Safely Restore Vision for Cataract Surgery Patients

Regional Eye Center has implemented the state-of-the-art LENSAR Laser System for a safer, gentler and more precise delivery of laser assisted cataract surgery. This allows our patients to enjoy a more rapid recovery of their vision with less dependence on glasses.

  • What is the Lensar Laser System?

    • The LENSAR Laser System offers the most precise and accurate laser cataract procedure available.
    • The LENSAR Laser System is revolutionary because it pre-treats the cataract and performs several of the most complicated surgical steps with the accuracy of a laser providing our patients with the most advanced cataract procedure possible. With the LENSAR Laser, the doctors at Regional Eye Specialists are removing cataracts using the same time-tested technology that has been used in LASIK procedures for over a decade.
    • The LENSAR Laser System allows our surgeons to perform a 100% blade-free cataract procedure.
    • The LENSAR Laser System’s Augmented Reality™ provides our surgeons with a 3-D view of the eye and cataract during the laser procedure, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the cataract prior to the cataract removal procedure.
    • With Augmented Reality, our surgeons can see everything inside the eye in greater detail.
    • Our surgeons offer the LENSAR Laser System as part of your advanced cataract procedure because it is safe, effective and offers the benefits of laser precision which are well beyond the precision of a surgeon’s hands.

  • Advantages of the LENSAR Laser System

    • The LENSAR Laser System allows our surgeons to offer you a better, more accurate cataract removal procedure that is customized to your eye. With the addition of the Cassini topographer and the TrueVision surgical planning system, the astigmatism of your cornea can now be reduced with a whole new level of precision by using the pattern of your iris to guide the LENSAR laser as it treats your astigmatism. This treatment allows our patients to have sharper uncorrected vision.
    • The LENSAR Laser System replaces blades and other instrumentation to provide you with a safer and more precise cataract procedure.
    • LENSAR’s Augmented Reality provides a high resolution, 3-D model of your cataract that allows our surgeons to tailor your cataract surgery, which can improve visual outcomes.
    • The LENSAR Laser System is the most advanced technology available, which improves safety and may reduce the time it takes to remove your cataracts.
    • The LENSAR Laser System was designed with patient comfort in mind, so you can relax, knowing you have the latest technology available to treat one of your most valuable senses – your sight.
    • To learn more about laser cataract surgery with LENSAR technology, we encourage you to call or email Regional Eye Specialists in Hutchinson, MN. We can explain this information in more detail or schedule an appointment for you to meet with our cataract surgeons.