Regional Eye Center in Hutchinson, MN takes very seriously the trust our patients place in us to provide a high quality eye examination experience. Our Board-Certified doctors of Ophthalmology and Optometry have at their disposal a wide range of computerized vision testing devices and the most advanced hi-tech diagnostic equipment, including the Zeiss OCT, Cassini corneal topographer, TrueVision surgical guidance system, Humphrey visual field testing and many other computerized eye scanning devices and the latest in digital eye imaging. Our doctors use these to assure the most precise assessment of vision and the most accurate diagnosis. They also have at their disposal professionally produced audio/visual patient education material that can be presented to the patient on a high-resolution flat panel screen right in the exam room to help insure that our patients are well informed.

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In many diseases, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy for example, early detection and treatment can be of critical importance in preserving useful vision. Precision and accuracy in our doctors’ assessments make for happier patients, whether it is in the fitting of glasses or contact lenses or whether it is in the planning for laser vision correction or cataract surgery. Combined with attentive listening, problem-directed questioning and compassionate care, these technologies help our doctors at Regional Eye Center to assure that you and/or your loved one receives the highest quality eye exam.

Regional Eye Center Is Not Closing The Doors!

All 4 of our Doctors are continuing to see patients. The only change is we now have a new team of retinal doctors offering services out of our Hutchinson office.